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on May 16, 2013


Our lives are filled with a multitude of choices every day. Do I hit the snooze one more time or get up now? What will I wear? What will I eat? What route do I take to work; the toll road or the main roads? If it is a Starbucks morning, then the decision is made; the main roads.

Choices move our life forward. We have to make them, but they can’t be all our life is about.  As a believer in Jesus Christ, I am called to a higher purpose than a life devoted to my physical well-being. A life filled with concern over what I may gain or lose and how future events are going to affect me.

In Matthew 6:32 Jesus tells us that unbelievers run after those things, and our heavenly Father knows that we need them.  Then in Matthew 6:33 He exhorts us – “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

Seek first – We are to pursue with diligence, attain awareness and understanding, perceive keenly above everything else we do.  It should be our highest priority.


His kingdom – the sovereign rule and reign of God.  That means we set our highest priority to having God as our sovereign ruler and His word as our standard.  We can’t allow society’s ever changing standard and ideas to be our guide.


His righteousness – the English usage of righteousness means “uprightness” or “conformity to an established norm”, but true biblical righteousness is about covenants and relationships. “His righteousness” is about being in a covenant relationship with God. It’s about what God does in fulfilling His covenant through Jesus.  It isn’t about us behaving in a certain way, because man’s established norms change all the time throughout cultures and times. God requires righteousness to come into relationship with Him, and so He imparts His righteousness to us through our faith in Jesus Christ.

And all these things – The whole 6th chapter of Matthew talks about what “these things” are.  Every generation of man needs food, clothes, security, and reward or recognition for his hard work. God knows that we have these needs.  He isn’t saying that we shouldn’t have them or need them, but He is making it clear that we aren’t supposed to worry about them all the time. Jesus contrasts them by pointing out that we can seek all these things for our own selfish gain or use them to care for ourselves and bless others.

Will be given to you as well –If we allow Him to rule our lives and trust Him, then we won’t have to worry about whether our true needs will be met. God promises to supply all our needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus – the covenant and relationship thing again. But, best of all, He provides a higher purpose – fellowship with Him and being part of His kingdom.

When I became a Christian, I made the choice to answer God’s call to follow Him and do His will.  I fulfill that choice or deny that choice every day through what I seek after. It’s always a choice.


8 responses to “Choices

  1. Nice photo. Our power to choose becomes heightened in suffering.

  2. Amber Oatman (OBS leader) says:

    Great breakdown of the scripture Deb!! I love looking at scriptures in-depth, it really magnifies the message. Thank you!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is beautiful. since my unfortunate stroke, instead of being bitter, I choose everyday andminute to thank Jesus for the gift of life and the beauty I see around me.Choices have to be made, but take time to pray and thank Jesus for the gift of life and love.

  4. Kelley says:

    Seek first! I love this. It is what I keep as a constant reminder close in heart, every day. Thanks for a beautiful post full of amazing scripture!

  5. janice says:

    great about saying we can not let the world set our standards.

  6. Lori Blackwell (OBS Leader) says:

    Debbie you said it so wonderful. I loved how you took us to a to verse 32, it is so important to read before and after to not miss what God has for us. Do our choices line up with God, so many times it’s what I want, thank you for breaking it down.

  7. Hi Debbie – a great reminder that our choices start right from the time our feet land on the floor in the morning. Thanks for sharing.

  8. shannan says:

    Debbie, I really like the way you broke this verse down. It made it come alive for me even more so than what I had done. Very nice.

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